Terms of coverage for technical support and service


1. The Department of Technical Support and Installations undertakes the control, maintenance and repair of machines up to 7 years of age, provided that this is provided by the manufacturer.

2. Machine shipment from the province must be delivered at home to our Company's address. The cost of transporting machinery to and from the company is borne by the customer.

    Machines travel at buyer's risk from and to the premises of the Technical Department.

3. The date of issue of the Purchase Document indicating the serial number of the product is proof of the validity of the warranty. Any attempt to repair the product under warranty will automatically void the warranty. Warranty does not cover machines / appliances from damage caused by voltage fluctuation or use outside the specifications specified by the manufacturer.

4. In the repair equipment, a fault is identified and the customer is informed of repair costs and spare parts. If the customer does not wish to repair the equipment, it will be returned to its original condition and will be charged for the time spent 20,00 €. Excluded are products under € 100.00 (Retail Price).

5. Minimum charge for repair at the Service Area of ​​€ 20.00. Confirmation of customer acceptance for repairs charges over € 100.00 is required after sending the relevant repair offer from the company. In cases where the damage exceeds 300 € a deposit of 30% is required.

6. The repaired equipment must be received by the Technical Support Service dpt within ten (10) working days of the relevant notice. After the month will incur a charge of storage costs of 3 € per day for a period of 60 days. After 60 days, the Company will recycle.

7. Fixed Dialing of the Company's Call at the customer's premises of € 50.00 and for an hour-long visit. For every extra hour at the customer's premises within the Athens or Thessaloniki area between the hours (9.00am - 17.00pm) is 50.00 € / hour / technical. Two (2) or more technicians 40,00 € / hour / technician.

Note: In addition to the above hours, charges are increased by 50%.
After 21.00, 100% is added.

8. The warranty of the equipment does not cover pick-up heads, microphone heads, loudspeakers, headphones, lighting and projection bulbs, balls and mirror motors. The factory-fitted VIVITEK (projector) lamps are warranted for one (1) year or 1,000 hours of operation. The lamps of the EDUCATION series have a 3 year warranty or 2,000 hours of operation if the user has registered in the EDUCATION official form of the manufacturer.

9. Machinery not sold by our company:

- Repaired but not covered by warranty,

- The charges for work and services performed or provided by the Technical Support Service are different and do not follow the present pricing policy.

10. BON STUDIO SA is not responsible for any loss of data during repair and is not liable for their possible discovery.

11. In the event of a delay in the confirmation of the customer's repair, the machines will be returned after 15 days from the sending of the service by the Service Department, with a debit charge.

12. Service invoices or proof of repairs are settled by bank deposit before dispatch or cash upon receipt.

* Note: The Company's Pricing Policy may change without notice. The above prices do not include VAT.
             version: 06/2019

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